Our Story

It all started as three friends living in a duplex, Stephen lived upstairs and Megan and Derek lived downstairs.

In 2018, the three of us took a trip to Gen Con with two intentions, see Critical Role live and hang out with a few online friends in real life. Gen Con by and large was a secondary part of that. That weekend changed us, our views of the hobby, and the impact and importance of board games on us forever. Gen Con lives up to its tag line of, “The best 4 days in gaming.” If you have never been, go!

It was on the drive home that the conversation started about sharing our love of the hobby with the world. We knew that Twitch could be used for more than just video games from Critical Role and Geek & Sundry, but we noticed that even though there were some great channels, there wasn’t a huge board game presence. We are lucky enough now to have become friends with most of those streamers. So we decided Twitch was where we were going to make our mark and thus, Board Game House was born.

Our first official stream was October 15, 2018 (there was one attempt before that but we don’t talk about that).

At the beginning, we thought doing the stream was all about the games we played. We learned very quickly that that was not the case. People came for the games and stayed for the atmosphere that we are able to create but more importantly our community, the Neighborhood. The support and love that our amazing community exudes is beyond words. We would not have the motivation to keep going or frankly anything to even operate a stream without them. We love the Neighborhood and the foundation of this community are our amazing Mods and loyal neighbors. They are the best out there.

If you love board games and want to be part of an amazing, open, supportive, caring, generous community come join us. We play board games on the internet for YOU!